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About Amanda

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About Amanda

Amanda O´Shea was born happy in the summer of 1969 in Maida Vale, West London.


After a joyful childhood steeped in the London-Irish community at 18 she spread her wings and followed her dream of travelling the world.  The planned 3 month trip turned into 9 'colourful' years enriched by wonder and experience. She was living the dream!


Circumstances changed overnight and Amanda had to return to the UK. Despite facing overwhelming challenges, her faith in life carried her through. London saw the birth of 2 beautiful children and another phase of her extraordinary journey began.


In 2006, the magic of serendipity nudged her yet again. Following her heart and listening to her instinct, she sold up, bought a camper van and the 3 of them set off for sunny Spain.  Almost a decade later, with both children happily on their own exciting paths, the time was right for Amanda to introduce her new baby to the world and  “The Serendipity Experience” was born.


This is just a flavour of Amanda’s amazing story and if you are curious to hear more about how she 'Fell back in Love with Life' please read on...


I am a very proud mother of 2 and my favourite time of day is sunset (but I also love sunrise), my favourite season is spring.  I am fascinated by nature, the moon & stars, the rainbows & clouds. I love butterflies, hugs, chocolate and just talking about LOVE really.


The mystery of Life intrigues me and I enjoy the exploration about where our experiences come from.

I truly believe that we create our own reality from moment to moment and I wish that somebody had told me that 40 years ago, but I sure am grateful that I understand it now. I love life, animals, people and their stories. Take a look at my blog to find out a little more about me and my story...


I'm very proud to introduce my new baby to the world, The Serendipity Experience. The launch party was a huge success and I'd love for you to take a quick look at the video below. Enjoy.

Remember to check out my Blog!

About Javea

We are very lucky here in Javea as on average we get 300 days of sunshine a year. That means we can be outside pretty much the whole year through, great news for us !  As the World Health Organisation say it is one of the healthiest places to live on the planet. Javea is set out in 3 different areas.

The Old town known locally as The Pueblo is very charismatic and well worth a visit. The Port area is very popular with the locals and the tourists, a lovely rocky beach, nautical club with marina and there is a buzz in the air with all the lovely restaurants and bars. The Arenal area is the sandy beach which is very busy in the summer, perfect for Yoga on the beach, early morning though. But  we tend to find all the beautiful hide-away places 'off the beaten track' the rest of the day. The Montgo mountain is a famous Javea landmark, there are wonderful views from up there. The coastline here around Javea is absolutely stunning and we can see Ibiza on a clear day.

Book on a Serendipity Dream weekend soon and feast your eyes, You will LOVE it x


You can find out more about Javea here

So what's the story Amanda?

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