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Baby Massage

Relax and re-juvenate, releases tension in tired, sore muscles...

Working on the feet and hands to restore the body's natural healing process.

Come and Learn how to Massage your baby. Aged from 8 weeks to 8 months.

Welcome to the Holistic Therapies

I was introduced to holistic therapies at the age of 17 when I was a case study for a friends elder sister who was studying Reflexology and Massage to become a practitioner. It totally blew my mind and I knew then that this kind of healing work was something that I wanted to be involved with.


After years of travelling I experienced holistic treatments wherever I was on the globe. I always had a reflexology foot chart on my wall. I started my studies to become a professional Reflexologist and Massage therapist in 1997. I have been actively involved in this line of work since then and I am a member of the Costa Blanca Reflexology area group and the Association of Reflexologists (UK).


I truly believe that I have created a safe, relaxing environment in the treatment room at Casa Serendipity  for you to take some well-deserved time out from your busy lifestyle. When we allow ourselves to really fall back into the space where there is nothing to do even just for an hour one can really let go, both in the mind and in the body, to promote self-healing.  Gift Vouchers available.



Acupressure Chair Massage

This is a fully clothed massage given in an ergonomically designed chair. Working on the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands to really get the circulation moving. (Not suitable for pregnant women)

30 minutes - 25€

Swedish Body Massage

Using 100% natural Songbird balms and waxes, Swedish massage aids relaxation and releases tension in tired, sore muscles. Stimulating the circulatory system improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues; also stimulating the lymphatic system improves the elimination of waste products from the body.


The following prices are quoted at the treatment room at Casa Serendipity in Javea Port unless otherwise stated.


30 minutes - 30€

60 minutes - 45€

Luxury -  90 minutes - 59€

Serendipity offers luxury treatments in the privacy of your own home in Javea and surrounding areas.

Packages from 75€

Contact us for a bespoke package for you!

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful relaxing, safe and simple yet effective therapy working on the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back to ease aches and pains and relieve stress. It concentrates on releasing tension caused by today´s modern lifestyle.

30 minutes - 25€


This is a healing art working on the feet (and hands) to restore and revitalise the body's natural healing processes. Reflexology is a Holistic therapy working the feet with manipulation and compression techniques which stimulates over 7,000 nerve endings on each foot. The feet reflect a map of the entire body, there is a reflex area for every organ and body part. We work these points to release any blockages and stimulate the body to balance, encourage and boost its remarkable self-healing mechanism, and create a state of health and well-being.


Gift Vouchers available. The perfect gift for somebody special.

60 minutes - 45€

3 x 60 minute sessions - 120€

Baby Massage

Come and learn how to massage your baby (8 weeks to 8 months) at a Serendipity Baby Massage workshop. A true experience for both babies and parents. I invite you to come and learn about the importance of touch and the benefits of Baby Massage (such as relieving common infant ailments - colic, dry skin etc.) It is the perfect way to learn how to massage your baby with natural products and a series of wonderful strokes to help your child to thrive to his or her full potential.


The baby massage classes can act as the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded parents in a friendly environment or alternatively you can book a private session in the comfort of your own home by contacting Amanda on 646 816 625.


Private Sessions 45€, Workshops (3-5 babies) 15€ each.


When not to massage checklist

- Do not massage if a baby is ill, especially if there is a raised temperature.


- Do not massage over any areas of broken skin, serious eczema, bruising or inflammation.


- It is always best to use pure & natural products such as Tui Bee Balme, never use commercial baby oil, which may contain paraffin and other nasties.


The Benefits

  Massage enhances the bonding process and can bring parents and babies even closer.


  Massage induces a deep relaxation and can help alleviate sleeping problems. It triggers the release of oxytocin and endorphins - the body´s natural pain killers.


  Reduces colic and enables the digestive system to adjust more fully.


  Improves the circulatory & lymphatic system helping the blood to re-oxygenate and eliminate  toxins.


  Nourishes the skin, both through the increase of sebum and the regular application of pure natural oils.


  Helps the muscles to release and ‘let go’, encouraging babies to stretch out and lengthen after the early curled-up position.


  Helps them to feel stable and strong and settled within their own bodies and gives them a sense of themselves physically.


  Provides regular opportunity to ‘air’ the skin, especially their bottoms.


  Provides a pleasurable activity and interaction for parents and young babies.


"I found the Baby Massage workshop extremely beneficial.  Amanda was a great teacher, explained the techniques in detail and in such a way that I felt confident to carry it on at home… would thoroughly recommend to all new mums…"


 Katie (Chingford )


"An hour of massage with Amanda transforms me from being a stressed, hunchback into a calm, smiling happy individual. I recommend Serendipity strongly to all!"


Alison Scott (Broadcaster and Author)


"When I have an upcoming appointment with Amanda, I feel calmness and tranquillity wash over me even before I step through the door. She is exceptionally intuitive and full of positive energy.

I am blessed and privileged to count her not only as my therapist but also a friend."




Holistic Therapies


Holistic Massage

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"Amanda is an absolute delight to be around – she always radiates love and enthusiasm

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