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One - to - One Coaching



Have you been seeking and searching for the answer to life?




Are you curious about how life works?




Why is it that some people’s lives just sail along easily and you do all the right things yet so much is not right in your life?




Have you been looking the 'perfect' ” soul mate or 'perfect'  ” anything?




Do you find that there are not enough hours in the day to find time for yourself?



Welcome to the club! There are so many of us floating around wondering what it’s all about.

I remember going for my early morning walk with the dogs to watch the sunrise thinking as long as that sun comes up everything will be OK. Funnily enough that sun rose every day and everything was ok, kind of.

But it always felt like there was something missing. I used to think “I work really hard, try my best, I’m a nice person, so why is life not like the fairytales?” I used to ask myself “What is it I’m not understanding?” I asked the question but I never listened for the answer because I didn’t know how to.

Then one day serendipity intervened and I found myself at a talk on the Missing Link to Happiness. Other people always commented on how happy they saw me to be and I was. However, what I heard that day answered my long standing question – what is it I’m not getting? It impacted me so strongly I spent the next few years exploring what I had experienced that day. And now, I am really excited to be offering you the opportunity to see why it is that other people’s lives just sail along easily and how yours can too.


Peace & Love - Peace of Mind & Love of Life


How does it work?


The Discovery one- to-one  bespoke programme can be taken on-line via Skype or in person in Javea,. Spain.


It comprises of 3 sessions to be taken within a 6 week period and can be designed to suit you in a variety of ways such as ……… all on one day as an immersion type experience, 3 sessions in a week or on a weekly/fortnightly basis.


The sessions are organic by nature meaning as well as talking and sharing, the option is available to mix it up with one of the holistic therapies I offer, if that feels the right thing to do in the moment.



What are the Benefits?

   Discover a new love of life



   Happier healthier relationships



   Less stress, more joy



   No more searching, find your peace



   Freedom from toxic thinking


The price for the Discovery Loving Life programme is a very modest 330€.


Make this Winter an opportunity to discover your inner Peace and Happiness and "fall back in love with life".


Contact Amanda now for more information and prices on our exclusive 3-Month Seasonal Cleanse or the 9-Month Re-Birthing Programme.


The  Seasonal Cleanse:

 A 3 month detox of the mind from toxic-thinking. Just like the seasons change you will witness your own changes and shifts as your understanding deepens and fears simply melt away.

The Re-Birthing Programme,

A 9 month commitment (designed exclusively for you) to work together to create a magical space as we explore the Inside Out Understanding together in a fun relaxed style. You will experience a good grounding in the principles and from that safe space transformations occur and miracles happen.



"Deep listening is the key"

Loving Life Retreats

The Loving Life Retreats are designed for people who have an understanding of the nature of the principles or wish to have an introduction to the Three Principles in a safe and healthy environment. It is a space for like minded souls to connect with themselves, nature and others.

There will be weekends such as 'Fun in the Sun', 3 nights and 4 days to hang out, relax, play games, release the inner child, cook, eat local cuisine, drink, swim, walk and talk, explore, create, dance... the list is boundless!

I have both worked at and attended many retreats over the years and the highlight is always the people I meet and the friendships that are created. Whilst I love the ideas and content that is being shared during the sessions, personally I find the hotel or conference room setting can feel quite sterile at times. Uncomfortable chairs, hotel food, noisy environment etc..

I am creating a home from home style set - up in a shared villa. Our chats and sessions can be around the kitchen table, lounging by the pool, feet up on the sofa or on a bean bag, picnics on the beach, chat around the fireplace, walks at sunrise, dancing under the stars, after dinner games ... You guys know what I mean.

Serendipity workshops can be held at some of the most amazing view points by the sea.

Lots of Fun, Laughter and Love to be shared with plenty to do and nothing to do all at the same time.

Insights can flow whilst picking oranges, on top of the mountain or in the back of the campervan. For sure there will be Serendipity surprises in store.

Some retreats will have Guest speakers and themes.

Please call me if you are a coach, teacher, trainer etc. and you wish to hold a retreat here in Javea, Spain in a beautiful natural setting. I can co-host or facilitate to make that happen.

See you real soon x

"Fall back in Love with Life"

Thank God It's Friday

We are delighted to invite you to the Happyology Gatherings..

This is for those that have attended the Loving Life Programme and wish to further explore in a group this amazing understanding.

We can share insights and Serendipity stories to remind ourselves that All is well, everything is OK, regardless of the dramatic life that appears to be going on around us. Life is Life, it´s just what´s happening!


Come along and join us for a cup of tea and a chat or a walk and a talk, in a fun, natural way and feel the connection. The Happyology Gatherings run every Friday at 2pm and occasional evenings and weekends and are hosted at Casa Serendipity in Javea Port.



The Serendipity Experience sponsor the radio show Happy Hour every Friday at 5pm which Amanda presents, live from the Total FM studio.


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