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Just to say that there is no such thing as a silly question, so please ask away. We love to hear from you here at Serendipity HQ


  • Q. What does  Serendipity mean?

  • Answer

    The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate! It’s more than just a

    coincidence. Some may say a happy accident or a fluke. The wonder of life, syncronicity…

    You know the way something magical happens and you find yourself saying, “You´ll never believe

    what just happened to me” Well, here at The Serendipity Experience we do believe you.


    Serendipity - You may have seen the movie and heard the song but now you can book a Dream

    weekend and get the T-Shirt !!!

  • Q. Why did you name it The Serendipity Experience?

  • Answer

     Well the truth is that they did not have the domain name that I wanted. If ‘Serendipity.com‘ had been available then who knows?  I have named my business Serendipity for years, and have offered many services;  Holistic therapies and a professional Babysitting service. but this is the first website that has ever been created. All credit to the boys from EVANA DESIGNS.

    So I was looking for an extension on the word Serendipity and driving around a roundabout one day it just came to me, out of the blue, I love it when that happens. Life is full of surprises and a Dream weekend with The Serendipity Experience is no exception, we love surprises here!


    When I travelled around New Zealand with Dutch Annie back in the 90’s we hitch hiked around the North island. Then we heard about this fabulous company called The Kiwi experience where they organise everything for you, accommodation, meals, activities, etc. etc. Such fun memories, we had a blast. You just had to book, pay and get on the bus! Same here really, All the events and services that come under the Serendipity umbrella are experiences just waiting to be embraced.


    I am very happy that Paul Simon -Wright named the Serendipity song in my honour, it is on the Introduction video on the Home page and  you will receive the download when you sign up to the newsletter.

  • Q. Do I have to be spiritual to come to one of your weekends?

  • Answer

     A. Well I believe that Everybody is spiritual, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. That is why we always like to have a chat upon booking and explore together your wishes and expectations to make sure that you get booked on the best retreat or dream break for YOU.

  • Q. Will you make me do stuff like sitting on a mat for 5 hours or hug trees?

  • Answer

     A. Ha Ha, No you will not have to do anything like that unless you want to of course, There will always be a mat available and a lemon or olive tree to hug though. The Serendipity weekends are more like taster breaks, they are not intensive hiking, cycling, yoga, meditation, cycling etc. That can all be organised in a bespoke package.


    But our weekends are more like a pick n mix, dip your toes in, a bit of this and that. Try an activity that you have never done before in a safe non judgemental environment. Without fear of being surrounded by experts, I love Yoga but I still cannot touch my toes.

  • Q. I have seen the 3 Principles mentioned a few times on this website, what are they?

  • Answer

     A. The´ 3 principles´ are spiritual facts behind our experience of life that were uncovered by a man named Sydney Banks about 40 years ago. The nature of the principles points us towards the understanding that we all create our own reality and the feelings that we experience  are only ever coming from our own thinking in the moment. No exceptions.


    I was exposed to this understanding also known as the inside out revolution or health realization in 2012. About a year later I attended a talk in Albir with Dr. Jack Pransky, I had a beautiful experience where I heard something that I had heard many times before, but It felt like I really HEARD it for the first time. What I heard was that everything was O.K, no matter what was happening in the world around me, I had this innate well-being and  I had access and every right to all the wisdom that I ever needed right here inside of me, everybody does! I didn’t need to look outside for it anymore, no more seeking and searching, no more self- help books or tools or techniques to learn. The feeling of Unconditional, Universal, Infinite Love in that room was so strong, It really blew my socks off! I

    found myself on an extended professional training course the very next day with the most amazing group of people. These guys had an understanding that resonated so highly with me even though I just didn't quite 'get it' at first. I had entered a  whole new paradigm.


    I am now a trained 3 Principles facilitator and I would love to share my understanding with you in The Loving Life Programme.


    Also take a look at the Three Principles Movie site, a very helpful website to explore!

  • Q. What does holistic mean?

  • Answer

     A. Holistic comes from the word  Whole, when I say that I work holistically with Massage and Reflexology, I treat the whole person, taking into account mental, emotional and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. In fact all of the services are holistic and tailored to the needs of the individual.

  • Q. What is Happy Hour? Because I do not drink alcohol?

  • Answer

     A. Happy hour at Casa Serendipity is an exploration of happiness and feelings and where they really come from. If people feel that a beer or a glass of wine relaxes them that is ok and that itself is always an interesting discussion. Others prefer a cup of tea and a biscuit.  Come and visit the Tree of Love and Wisdom at Casa Serendipity; a beautiful Tony Mari sculpture which represents a simple but profound understanding of a few basic principles behind our experiences of life. Let’s explore together how we create our own reality, moment to moment.


    I also present ´Happy Hour` on a  live radio show from the Total fm studio here in Javea  and you can listen via the internet from anywhere in the world.

  • Q. I have never been abroad by myself before and I do not speak Spanish?

  • Answer

     A. Don’t worry, we will take care of everything this end and myself or one of the team will always be around to help out from the moment you arrive until you leave.

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