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So, what is The Serendipity Experience?

It is a coaching programme designed and created by me from the heart. An opportunity for us to work together on a 1-2-1 basis, in Alicante, Barcelona, Valencia, online or in person from anywhere around the globe; this loving life coach will travel, so all locations are possible.

Has your world gotten too busy or crazy recently? If so, it’s helpful to understand where stress really comes from. 

My mission is to share how the human experience is truly created. It is life changing!

My intention for YOU is to be the best you that you can be.

You are invited to join me on a journey of discovery and I will be with you through every step of this transformational experience.

What does Serendipity mean?

It’s the wonder of life, fate or synchronicity. It’s more than just a coincidence or as some may say a happy accident or a fluke.

When something magical occurs I hear people saying, “You’ll never believe what’s just happened”. Well I do believe you, in fact, serendipity-ness is always at play and here you are!

The Serendipity Experience headquarters is based in Javea, Costa Blanca, Sunny Spain, one of the most beautiful and healthiest places to live on the planet according to the World Health Organisation.

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Are you intrigued by the mysteries of life? 

Does it feel like something is missing in your world? 

Have you been looking for the ‘perfect’ soul mate or the ‘perfect’ anything? 

Why is it that some people’s lives seem to sail along easily, and you try so hard to do all the right things yet so much is not right in your life? 

Welcome to the club! There are so many of us floating around confused and wondering what it’s all about.

The discovery of the power of thought and  where our feelings truly come from explains so much. Human behaviour now makes perfect sense to me given the thinking that somebody is having in the moment. I wish that somebody had told me about this many years ago but I sure am grateful that I understand it now.

 I feel like I have the biggest secret in wellbeing to reveal to you!

What I Offer

Everything I have learnt has gone into the creation of this coaching programme and here are some of the gifts that are in it for you:

Happier healthier relationships

Freedom from toxic thinking

Realising your true nature

Increased confidence

Get your Mojo back

Peace of mind

Clarity in decision making

Less drama, more calmer

 Fall back in love with life

You do not have to have apparent problems to appoint a life coach. Most of my clients are really successful, got it together folk. Or at least they are until they get caught up in their thinking. We will work closely to see how innocently your beliefs or social conditioning could have limited you.

We often have a blind spot in one area of our lives, for example, you may be amazing in business but not so good in relationships, or vice versa.

The answers you are looking for will arise to improve the areas in your life that are taking up too much time and energy. I have helped clients with various situations; challenging relationships, infidelity and divorce recovery, health issues such as cancer and autoimmune diseases and the searchers and seekers simply lost on their path. These subjects pop up time and time again:

  • Rejection
  • Loneliness
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Anger and frustration
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Busy mind
  • Loss of confidence
  • Habits and Addictions

Upcoming Events

Wellbeing Retreat Days & Weekends

Meet Me in Barcelona

When: All through 2023 at
The Social Hub, Poblenou, Plaza Catalunya & in the hills of Tibadabo

Bespoke retreat days and weekends in creation. Barcelona is an amazing city, one of my absolute favourites, we can explore the city as well as exploring how your mind works and how I can help you.

A bespoke day, weekend, or up to 5 days of intensive training designed to deliver a deep understanding in a short time of how your mind truly works. Retreat with me as we walk, talk, and dine along the local Spanish coastline and in the city, uncovering and discovering the magic of the unknown.

You are worth it, treat yourself to a weekend away, and let’s create unforgettable memories!


Innate Health Education and Resilience Training for young people, families, and adults.

NEW the iheart for adults programme ~”Resilient Living”

Available all through 2023. Call me to find a day and time that suits you or your family to begin this journey of discovery.

I am a certified level 3 facilitator of the iheart curriculum. This is a project with many different programmes designed to educate all ages, we offer courses for teenagers, and also for parents, and all adults to uncover their innate resilience and mental wellbeing. I deliver online and in-person to individuals, families, small home groups and schools.

iheart offers an interactive and dynamic programme that has been tailor-made for young people and adults with excellent results!

Love & Clarity Retreats

2023 Dates in creation 

In Javea, Barcelona, Granada, and other destinations…

I invite you to join me and guest facilitators for a magical week at the awe-inspiring Hidden Paradise retreat center nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and secret locations yet to be revealed.

It feels like a long time since we retreated together, but I am certainly ready to get back in the groove and to spend quality time both hanging out and learning together, we never stop learning.

Express your interest today!

The Relationship Retreat - Let Love Lead

When: Sunday March 26th 2023 @11:00 Spanish Time (CET)/ 10:00 UK 

I am delighted to announce that Author, Artist, and Coach Samantha Hurst and myself are joining forces and we invite you to come and hang out with us online – “Let Love Lead – The Relationship Retreat”

We will dive deep with a light touch into the subjects of Love ‘n’ Stuff. 

What kind of stuff?

Relationships, Heartbreak, Recovery & Self-Discovery.


The Loss 4 Words Retreat

When: Saturday 22nd April  2023, Zoom

09:30 UK /Spanish Time (CET) 10:30

Exploring Life, Love, Loss, Heartbreak, Grief, and everything else in between and Inside Out xx

YOU are invited to come and hang out with Coach, Counsellor and Celebrant Jacqui Bull, and my good self. Join the inquiry into subjects that appear to be “taboo” with so many of us. Is it possible to experience peace and serenity alongside loss? Would you like to explore with us?

Serendipity After Supper Club

Virtual Gatherings for Single People

Next Event – Sunday 26th March 2023 @ at 20:00 Spanish Time (CET)

This is a safe space in that everybody in this light-hearted and fun club has been invited in by me or nominated by somebody I know and trust. Do you have a single friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague that you would like to nominate? The kind of person that you cannot believe is single! I think many of us have 1 or 2 of those lovely souls in our worlds.

Call me to nominate somebody…

The serendipity experience coaching programme

2 Routes – The Intensive 3 Month Journey or The Gentle 9 Month Journey

3 Month Journey – A Seasonal Cleanse

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you gotta do is call…

  Connection chat to build rapport
Wellbeing Weekend – 2 immersion days, 12 hours coaching & lunches
4 weekly 90 minute sessions
8 fortnightly 90 minute sessions
The inbetweeners – coaching support via email or whatsapp
Reading & listening material, optional assignments & surprises
3rd immersion day to be taken during or at the end of the journey
End of journey celebration session – Welcome Home!


9 Month Journey – A Rebirthing Transformation

Lets start from the beginning…

Connection chat to build rapport
Wellbeing Weekend – 2 immersion days, 12 hours coaching & lunches
12 fortnightly 60 minute sessions
A 60 minute call once a month for 6 months
The inbetweeners – coaching support via email or whatsapp
Reading & listening material, optional assignments & surprises
3rd immersion day can be taken during or at the end of the journey
End of journey celebration session – Welcome Home!

We will make a commitment to work at times and dates that suit you.

The sessions will be organic by nature as you deepen your grounding in the principles behind the human experience. This will bring clarity to your current situations and help you to move forward with the happiness you deserve.

What are you waiting for? This is your time for change. You have the capacity to thrive not just survive!

The price is affordable, your happiness and health is priceless.

Contact me to discuss the investment into your wellbeing. VIP bespoke packages, seminars, payment plans and pay-as-you-go sessions.

Why Work With Me?

Why not? I have an abundance of positive energy to share and I love to encourage out of the box thinking. Magic happens when we coach from a platform of joy in a loving environment.

We will laugh together, maybe cry, but we will definitely go deep and share an unforgettable experience. 

It would appear that there are a few reasons why people choose to work with me; I remind them of somebody they know, I remind them of who they used to be or they see something in me that they simply like or want.

And to top it all off, remember our Dream Weekends are held in Javea, Spain, one of the most beautiful spots on the Mediterranean coast.

This allows us to coach at amazing secret locations and dine with a view at some of the best eateries – it will be super special!

Check out the testimonials of previous clients below…

What people are saying

"In America there is a story of a man called Johnny Appleseed, who spread apple seeds around America in its early days and was responsible for apple trees growing all over. This is what Amanda does with love. She spreads it around for all to pick up, and for it to grow all over. It simply feels good to be in Amanda’s presence, surrounded by all that love, and now she has combined it with knowing how to help others find joy and happiness from within themselves. I would go to see her…"

Jack Pranksy, Ph.D Author of Somebody Should Have Told Us, USA

“It’s been a hard year with tremendous heartbreak, grieving and loneliness, to the point where I prayed that I would die. I couldn’t see any way forward. Today is the first day in a really long time that I feel hope inside of me again and like I’m coming back to life. I feel love and calmness and my heart is opening up and healing. Thank you for all of the time and the energy you gave to me in our sessions. For not giving up on me, for not leaving, for never losing your patience or ever getting angry. For encouraging me to keep exploring!”

Jennifer, USA

"I have been through all sorts of treatment, therapists, support groups and psychiatrists from the age of 13. This got me to a point where life was ok but there was still something that was missing, Amanda shared something with me that nobody else ever had in 10 years in recovery.. The answers were inside me all the time!! My life has transformed from the inside out and the way I view the world is so different!! I love you lots Amanda and will be forever grateful that you showed me how it all works, If theres something missing in your life look no further than Amanda x"

Equity Trader – JC London

I first met Amanda at a school ball. We were put on the same table and for me I consider that a truly serendipitous moment. She was a shining bright light who became my friend. She makes people feel wanted loved and completely at ease. I would say she is one of the most generous people I know, she has a very big heart! I can say that Amanda has taught me a lot, she breaks down barriers that aren’t really there and ones that we have put around ourselves. I say let’s all open our hearts as big and as beautiful as hers.

Sarah Cousins, U.K.

“I was looking for guidance and you pointed me towards the kindness, the love, the innocence. All of the things that I once had but had lost along the way as I tried to make sense of this world that I perceived to be harsh, hurtful and unforgiving. You have given me the greatest gift Amanda. I have always felt so lost and so confused and now I feel safe and ready to let go of that fierce hold and control. I can finally begin to just be and I am truly so grateful.”

J. Gralow, New York

You’re an amazing woman, a true inspiration and infectious. The way you view life is incredible and something I hope I find in my own way one day. You met me at my most vulnerable and you made me feel safe and loved the moment I walked in. You held together my brokenness until I realised that I wasn’t really broken. The one quote that still stands out to me is “thought is not reality, yet it is through thought that our realities are created”. A huge thank you Amanda xxx

RG, London

"When I have an upcoming session with Amanda, I feel calmness and tranquillity wash over me even before I step through the door. She is exceptionally intuitive and full of positive energy. I am blessed and privileged to count her not only as my coach but also a friend."

Roslyn, Javea

About me

Hi, I’m Amanda, a face-to-face and online transformation coach , I regularly speak at international conferences, worldwide webinars and podcasts. With over 25 years of experience in the provision of holistic healthcare, I feel a dedication to mental health coaching. I am a member of the 3PGC (3 Principles Global Community) and I am also certified in Cultural Intelligence.

I create bespoke programmes, retreats, events and group trainings globally and simply love meeting new people. My work for many years in the world of addiction and recovery was and is an education in itself. Providing a service in ‘Addiction Help’ with individuals and their families is an honour.

In 2020 I also qualified as an iheart Level 2 facilitator and I am excited to have launched the iheart message in Spain and beyond with our youth, parents and teachers, deeply inspired to help solve the mental health crisis. 

My passion for life and the ability to see the innate resilience in people is reflected in my unique ability to deep listen and connect.

Helping others uncover their innate wellbeing and resilience is my mission and my own life-changing experiences have been the best teachers in becoming an ‘expert’ on heartbreak and loneliness, happiness and peace. Complimented by the extended professional trainings with Dr. Jack Pransky, I entered a whole new paradigm and I have never looked back…

If you are curious to hear more about me, please click below:


For more information or if you fancy a chat...

Call me today on: 0034 646 816 625

or you can email me any time on: amanda@theserendipityexperience.com

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