Amanda O’Shea & The Serendipity Experience – So, what is this “90 in 90”? 90 powerful little conversations with 90 fabulous people over 90 days

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Number Title Guest
1 Lighten up around darker moments Marnix Pauwels
2 The Power of Slowing Down Marina Pearson
3 Staring out of the window Sarah Cousins
4 Wake Up Earlier Clair Parsons
5 Addiction – There is a way home Harry Derbitsky
6 My Mental Health Rocks Leanne Macdonald
7 Attention and Intention Rubina Morton
8 Life is my medicine Rupert Nomadix
9 Popping out for a pint of milk Damian Mark Smyth
10 Treasures found in Inner Silence Dicken Bettinger
11 Following my heart Liz Nagle
12 Simply Curious Denise Holland
13 100% – No Exceptions Jeff Munn
14 We are Passion Anke Herrmann
15 Listen to the Music of Life Dan Wingard
16 Innocent Suffering Greg Suchy
17 Always Guided Liliana Bellini
18 Experimenting with Surrender Philippe Bartu
19 The IHEART Story Jeremy Bogush
20 The Flow of Life Fredrik Kinnman
21 Double Vision – Between Relaxation & Anxiety Kai Christen
22 Peace of Mind Tomas Lydahl
23 The Simplicity of Understanding Sheela Masand
24 Being a Kid Ava Ventrella
25 Do the thing that makes your heart sing Deborah Jane Sutton
26 We Can Recover Sally Wyse
27 Keep it Light JBob
28 The Power of Insight Christian McNeill
29 Acceptance Debra Simmons
30 Inside Out Recovery Danielle Guinaugh
31 Finding Future Purpose Jane Cockerell
32 Higher Ground Laurence Knott
33 Chasing a Feeling Stephen Desborough
34 Joyful, Joyful Ruth Zange
35 What is Love? Jack Pransky
36 Re-thinking Relationships Sue Lachman
37 Blank Page Maria Torres
38 A Legend Mrs Anita Grayson
39 Clarity & Results Jamie Smart
40 Excitement in the Unknown Alice Mundy
41 A cup of tea Paul Morgan-Somers
42 Extra-Ordinary Jennifer de Bonnafos
43 Finding your soulmate Gabriella Maldonado – Montano
44 Becoming Mentally Healthier Ian Watson
45 Who do you think you are? Trevor Drake
46 Double Trouble The William’s
47 Finding your Inner Voice Lise Dandanell
48 Realising You Are Love Kjetil Haugmo
49 It is What it is Jacqueline Hollows
50 Resilience Within Rudi Kennard
51 Life is Rich Shaul Rosenblatt
52 Upstream & Downstream Dr. Giles P
53 Don’t sweat the small stuff Kate Moss
54 Forgiveness Shaman Don Roberto
55 Out of Sorts Dave Kibby
56 Overthinking Bekkah Merino
57 Reactions Ross MacKenzie
58 Life Lessons Sue Pankiewicz
59 The Biggest Secret in the Universe Peter Anderson
60 Life is Good Oliver Doyle
61 Aware of what you wear Lauren Staton
62 Great Sex & True Love Anne Curtis
63 Connection is the Ultimate Healer Amir Karkouti
64 Human Miguel Navarro
65 Climate Crisis Ami Chen Mills-Naim
66 Reconnecting Sam Burge
67 Constriction & Expansion Del -Adey Jones
68 Guided by Nature Leonie Almond
69 Family Love Sharon Griffin
70 You are writing thisĀ  story Karen Marshall
71 Charming Your Way Through Life Mr Wu
72 A Slice of Happiness Caroline Powell
73 Heartbreak vs Heartopening Jewels Toro
74 We are Nature Dave Elleray
75 The Stories Collapse Jen Anderson
76 Happy Children Graham Bannatyne
77 Misunderstandings of the Mind Jason Shiers
78 Unity Candida Wright M.B.E.
79 Living Life David Saunders
80 Pourings of Love Samantha Hurst
81 The Gift of Habits & Addictions Amy Johnson
82 Lightbulb Moments Amanda Doyle
83 Nobody is Broken, Lost or Alone Juliannne Del Cano-Kennard
84 New Beginnings Seth Bolton
85 The Magic of Being Present Jai Cyr
86 What helps me, over and over again Katja Symons
87 Happy Days Brandon Block
88 Unashamedely Human Jacqui Forde
89 Freedom of Mind James Comrie
90 Getting on the Transformation Train Joe Bailey

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