Loss 4 words – A virtual retreat

How might it be to see loss in the framework of Joy, Gratitude & Freedom?

Do you think it is possible to feel serenity and peace within the heartbreak experience?

What might it look like if we saw the freedom of embracing our grief as an expression of love, without the shoulds or pressures of having to ‘do it’ in any particular way?

We hope you can join us on Saturday Morning 22nd April 2023 OR

Sunday Morning April 30th 2023 from the comfort of your own home.

You are invited to join our virtual event exploring life, love & loss on this upcoming half-day retreat, a few magical hours where we will deep dive within a safe space of a small group.

Why is this helpful to you and what are the benefits of this exploration?

  • Seeing the Beauty of Natural Sadness
  • Reducing Depression, Stress and Overwhelm
  • Uncovering our Innate Resilience and Wellbeing

Through all of life (including this pandemic), we have been experiencing heartbreak and ‘mini deaths’ in various forms, not only in our loss of loved ones but these feelings also show up in relationship breakdowns, loss of jobs, loss of income, restricted freedom to meet with family and friends…let’s get this subject out of the shadows and see how it has been showing up in our lives together.


What’s It All About

UK Times – Start at 09:30 (10:30 Spanish)

09:30 – Introductions & Intentions

10:15 – The Wonder of Heartbreak

11:00 – Coffee & Tea Time

11:15 – Misunderstandings of How the Mind Works

12:00 – Reflective Break

12:10 – Peace, Joy & Loss – Can they co-exist? 

12:30 – Reflections & Questions

13:00 – Cheerio (Finish Spanish Time 14:00)

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world”

– Sydney Banks

Half-Day Retreat Saturday Morning 22nd April 2023 or Sunday Morning 30th April 2023 on Zoom

Price: €49 (limited places, small group)

What is Loss? What is heartbreak? What is Grief?

 This EVENT is designed to explore AS A SMALL GROUP how LOSS, heartbreak and  grief show up in all areas of life

It has not been designed for people who have very recently lost loved ones

PLEASE contact me directly if you need support in this area



“I recently attended this retreat and found it to be an amazing catalyst for new areas of self discovery. The leadership and knowledge they both brought revealed the ongoing process that is self-realisation. I have since further explored the emotions revealed during Loss 4 Words that I had not previously identified to or at least given full consideration to. I loved the group work, coaching from the leaders and some break out room work in pairs. All of these elements interacted superbly, allowing attendees to feel heard and part of a whole group process. Thank you for sharing and creating such a productive introduction into our emotions around the aspects of Loss.”

Leonie xxx

“This retreat really touched my heart, it was special. I haven't really felt connected to people lately and I felt the connection, and that felt nice. It’s been a tough year, Thank You x ”

Sunna – Virginia 

"Thanks so much. A couple of golden moments there...Amanda and Jax are amazing people. x"

Sally, UK

"I have known and worked with Amanda for years but discovered admirable new depths to her knowledge and experience in the realm of coaching and gained first hand benefit from her apparently “infinite source” of understanding and insight into the human condition and our simple, basic wholeness. Amanda allows us to “Let Go” in a well supported way in which we can see the humour and simplicity in the “stories” we create. It was my first time meeting Jacqui and she has a beautiful, illuminated and peaceful presence which gives you the impression you have known her forever and that you are entirely safe and supported. An amazing collaboration of two fantastic guides... A huge thank you xxx"

A previous Loss 4 Words Retreatie

"I absolutely loved this virtual event with Jacqui and Amanda. It was amazing how quickly they were able to set such an open and loving space for everyone to feel safe and ready to learn about this life-changing message, and the conscious listening exercises were great that they shared. It definitely made me more curious and I would love to learn more about this. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Tanja from Germany

"Open, Spacious & Gracious in a deep yet light-hearted way. Everybody has a story about loss, whether we define them or categorise them as big or small losses, heavy duty or light… When my niece lost her teddy bear aged 4, in the local shopping centre, the family spent days searching to find Teddy, putting up posters etc...my niece was truly devastated! Teddy was never found but she came to it in her own beautiful way... Amanda and Jacqui you guys did a wonderful job in facilitating in a non-judgemental way, pointing us to the creation of our experience as opposed to the subject of the loss itself and this reminds me that our losses do not define us. I loved the nudge to see that we have freedom to feel all things, including sadness, and that feels good. And now I am 'lost' for words..."

Joh, NSW, Australia

"Insight brings collapse - That's the phrase that came out the strongest for me on the Loss 4 Words retreat. The time spent with these facilitators Jacqui and Amanda was healing and illuminating. I felt something shift in me during the event, although I couldn't put my finger on what exactly! It was a most valued stage in my recovery."

Gisela, London, UK

"I recently attended the Loss 4 words retreat and it blew my mind. It was a fantastic reminder that we already have all the tools we need within to manage everyday life. We just need to allow our innate systems we have to work. Jacqui and Amanda were just an amazing collaboration of knowledge, understanding and insight on the human experience. I felt supported, safe and peaceful. The energy was just amazing and i had a wonderful experience. Thinking about it now gives me goosebumps 😊 Thank you ladies"

Lacey, London, UK

Introducing My Guest


Coach, Counsellor & Creator of Magical Ceremony

Jacqui’s Story – “I came to this work after spending 20 years in the corporate industry which ended in a breakthrough (breakthrough = breakdown in medical terminology), where my rest enabled me to remember that each of us has unique intelligence and wisdom and, if we stop long enough to listen, will guide us to a purposeful fulfilling life.

I am living mine! My practice in Greater London is focussed on supporting mums who are experiencing mental health challenges with their children.

My other joy is the topic of death & heartbreak. I am on a mission to get the country talking about it so that it is not something to be fearful of, but in my experience, actually enhances your ability to fully step into your life. I also work as a Celebrant and I am passionate about creating magical ceremonies to celebrate life, love and loss.

In this ‘Loss 4 Words’ event, we wish to remind you that you have everything you need inside of you and that the world needs you to shine your own unique light into it.”

Hosted by Me (Amanda)


Loving-Life Coach & Independent Modern Celebrant

My Story – “I really enjoy helping others to realise that they are designed for life, love and loss and seeing them reconnect to their innate resilience and wellbeing that is built into their psychological system. I share the principles behind the human experience with clients from all over the world, of all ages, in my coaching and retreat business. I dedicated many years of sharing the understanding of how our minds work within the world of addiction and recovery.

My own “life-changing” experience in 2013 introduced me to some simple truths which busted misunderstandings that I had thought to be true about the nature of life. A realisation that “Life is my Soul Mate” is a gift that serves me well!

Exploring how our hearts can break open in moments of separation, death, grief & loss is also a wonder of mine. My infectious passion for life is reflected in an ability to connect to others and see the potential inside of them to live with clarity, grace and harmony as they navigate uncertain times and unexpected circumstances”

I trust that our smiley dispositions and loving manners will bring much positivity to this online retreat. We are both really excited to be on this journey with you xx


For more information or if you fancy a chat...

Call me today on: 0034 646 816 625

or you can email me any time on: amanda@theserendipityexperience.com

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