the serendipity experience 1-2-1 coaching programme

“It’s been a hard year with tremendous heartbreak, grieving and loneliness, to the point where I prayed that I would die. I couldn’t see any way forward. Today is the first day in a really long time that I feel hope inside of me again and like I’m coming back to life. I feel love and calmness and my heart is opening up and healing. Thank you for all of the time and the energy you gave to me in our sessions. For not giving up on me, for not leaving, for never losing your patience or ever getting angry. For encouraging me to keep exploring!”

Jennifer, USA

"I have been through all sorts of treatment, therapists, support groups and psychiatrists from the age of 13. This got me to a point where life was ok but there was still something that was missing, Amanda shared something with me that nobody else ever had in 10 years in recovery.. The answers were inside me all the time!! My life has transformed from the inside out and the way I view the world is so different!! I love you lots Amanda and will be forever grateful that you showed me how it all works, If theres something missing in your life look no further than Amanda x"

Equity Trader – JC London

I first met Amanda at a school ball. We were put on the same table and for me I consider that a truly serendipitous moment. She was a shining bright light who became my friend. She makes people feel wanted loved and completely at ease. I would say she is one of the most generous people I know, she has a very big heart! I can say that Amanda has taught me a lot, she breaks down barriers that aren’t really there and ones that we have put around ourselves. I say let’s all open our hearts as big and as beautiful as hers.

Sarah Cousins, U.K.

“I was looking for guidance and you pointed me towards the kindness, the love, the innocence. All of the things that I once had but had lost along the way as I tried to make sense of this world that I perceived to be harsh, hurtful and unforgiving. You have given me the greatest gift Amanda. I have always felt so lost and so confused and now I feel safe and ready to let go of that fierce hold and control. I can finally begin to just be and I am truly so grateful.”

J. Gralow, New York

You’re an amazing woman, a true inspiration and infectious. The way you view life is incredible and something I hope I find in my own way one day. You met me at my most vulnerable and you made me feel safe and loved the moment I walked in. You held together my brokenness until I realised that I wasn’t really broken. The one quote that still stands out to me is “thought is not reality, yet it is through thought that our realities are created”. A huge thank you Amanda xxx

RG, London

"When I have an upcoming session with Amanda, I feel calmness and tranquillity wash over me even before I step through the door. She is exceptionally intuitive and full of positive energy. I am blessed and privileged to count her not only as my coach but also a friend."

Roslyn, Javea

“In America there is a story of a man called Johnny Appleseed, who spread apple seeds around America in its early days and was responsible for apple trees growing all over. This is what Amanda does with love. She spreads it around for all to pick up, and for it to grow all over. It simply feels good to be in Amanda’s presence, surrounded by all that love, and now she has combined it with knowing how to help others find joy and happiness from within themselves. I would go to see her…”

Jack Pranksy, Ph.D Author of Somebody Should Have Told Us, USA


"They say that parenting is like planting seeds in your children's minds so they can grow with a healthy mental outlook. Amanda through iheart gives you a big packet of those seeds and helps you and your child water them over the course. Sometimes it's hard to see if these seeds are taking root and then other times the little shoots appear and you know you've done a great thing for both yourself and your child. I also find that even when my child forgets I myself have a new understanding for coping with my frustration or upset and this helps us all. Thanks Amanda for sharing your knowledge with us xx "

Trish and Charlie – Javea, Spain 

"Even though this iheart programme was aimed at our younger students, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It helped me to be aware of when I am going up that false logic road, to recognise what I am doing. What a gift to understand that we will always be okay, whatever happens in our lives! That we will always be able to settle back into our innate wellbeing. I feel empowered knowing that no one and no thing can put a feeling in me! We are all born with a clear mind, which brings us Peace, Love, Gratitude = Wellbeing A BIG thank you to Amanda who explained all this to our family so passionately! x

Jackie Mayers, London, UK

Testimonials from retreats & events