innate Health Education and Resilience Training.

I am a certified level 3 facilitator of the iheart curriculum. This is a project educating young people, adults, parents and families to uncover their innate resilience and mental wellbeing. I deliver online or in-person to individuals, families, small groups of 3-5 students, home schooling, online schooling, international schools and after-school/ sport /youth clubs.

iheart offers an interactive and dynamic programme that has been tailor-made for young people and adults with excellent results!

If you are curious, get in touch, I have something profound to share with you.

 NEW – Enrol now for ‘Resilient Living’ for adults launched Mid-February 2023.

The next Resilient Tutoring course for the youth starts Mid-March, and over all the school holidays through 2023 

for ages 9-12-year-olds & 13-18-year-olds


Tutoring includes 10 live sessions for the children with Amanda AND pre-recorded sessions by iheart  for the parents called “Creating a Resilient Family”

Private Tutoring – 590€ per child

Small-Group Tutoring of up to 5 children- 235€ each child


Amanda can create course times and days during school holidays or term times to suit your family and friends, online from anywhere on the planet or in person in Barcelona, Sunny Spain

What’s It All About

When it comes to the mental health crisis enveloping our society, there is a huge emphasis on putting out fires.

At iheart, we believe in preventing fires.

Our transformative approach to supporting young people, teachers and parents is based on our core belief that:

‘we have everything we need inside us’ which is uniquely focused on mental wellness, prevention and education.







What I share

The iheart Principles describe how the human psychological system is an intelligent system based on a clear logic that explains the source of all feeling states, emotions and felt experiences.

Our psychological system has wellbeing built into it and is always working in a logical way, which enables us to self-correct and reconnect with our wellbeing.

iheart is underpinned by an overarching question of enquiry: Do you believe that someone or something can give you or take away your wellbeing? i.e. is putting a feeling in you?

The answer to this question, either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, this acts as a compass, informing us if we are on or off track, and reconnects us with our innate wellbeing and resilience. Based on this enquiry, our programme teaches:

 What is innate/built-into our psychological system

 Why we think, feel and behave the way we do

 Why and how our wellbeing gets covered up and uncovered again

 How our built-in compass helps us return to our wellbeing


We look to prevent fires, rather than put out fires.


We believe in mental wellness, not mental illness.


We educate people about their innate wellbeing, going
beyond awareness.

What is the iheart youth Curriculum?

A preventative mental health education programme for young people aged 9 years – 18 years, delivered over the course of 10 individual or group sessions. Built on a scaffolded approach to learning, each session has its own clear learning objective and a mix of interactive discussions, activities, self-reflections, summary slides, animations, videos, and group exercises.

How Will iheart Help?

These Principles teach us that mental health and wellbeing is innate and available to all people.

Wellbeing includes deeper unconditional feelings of hope, peace of mind, love, kindness, gratitude, security, motivation, wisdom and resilience – teaching us that:

Wellbeing is our natural state and it can never be damaged, lost or broken.

No one and no thing can put a feeling in us.

No one and no thing can give us wellbeing or take our wellbeing away.

When we think that someone or something can put a feeling in us, it means we have outsourced our wellbeing and over-looked the fact that it is innate.

We aim to see the following improvements in the lives of the young people we work with:

😊 Resilience & Wellbeing – boosting self-esteem, coping skills, dealing with setbacks…

😊 Mental Health – reducing anxiety, stress, worry, depression, self-harm, unhealthy habitual & addictive behaviours…

😊 Motivation – progress, attendance, perseverance, problem solving, attainment…

😊 Behaviour – self-regulation, exclusions, disruption, anger, aggression…

😊 Relationships – tolerance, respect for difference, teamwork, positive relationships with self, teachers, peers and family members.

Our innovative educational approach teaches young people about their innate resilience and wellbeing, empowering them with the confidence to overcome challenges and fulfill their potential.

Your iheart Facilitator – Amanda O’Shea

My Story

I joined the iheart team and helped launch the exciting global expansion into Spain in 2019. This happened after an insightful realisation from delivering The Serendipity Experience coaching programme to adults for many years.

Why was I not sharing the biggest secret in the world of wellbeing  and resilience with schools and young people?

I am now excited to add a certified level 3 iheart facilitator training to my credentials.

My last 4 years have been dedicated to sharing this understanding within the world of habits, addiction, recovery and relationships. I also speak regularly at conferences and seminars and I had my own “life-changing” experience in 2013 after being introduced to some simple truths and principles behind the creation of the human experience.

My deep listening skills enable me to be nuanced in my sharing of how the mind works, enhancing communication and connection.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


"They say that parenting is like planting seeds in your children's minds so they can grow with a healthy mental outlook. Amanda through iheart gives you a big packet of those seeds and helps you and your child water them over the course. Sometimes it's hard to see if these seeds are taking root and then other times the little shoots appear and you know you've done a great thing for both yourself and your child. I also find that even when my child forgets I myself have a new understanding for coping with my frustration or upset and this helps us all. Thanks Amanda for sharing your knowledge with us xx "

Trish and Charlie – Javea, Spain

Let’s Talk and get a start date in the diary!

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