What’s this all about?

Hello Serendipity friends, I have an idea that I want to share with you; for a long time, I had thoughts about setting up a “cool” singles virtual gathering on Zoom.

The idea was to create a safe, private, secure online space with a deep element of trust, that everybody in this light-hearted and fun club had been invited in by me, or nominated in by somebody I knew and trusted.

This is NOT like an online dating agency app. I personally tried the online dating experience many months ago, just for a week, after telling myself for years that it was not my cup of tea and I was right, it just did not suit me. So I am sure there are plenty of people in the world who may feel the same!?

I am happy to share that the “Serendipity After Supper Club” was brought to life…and it seemed the perfect time to launch the pilot whilst still on lockdown in April 2020.


Do you have a single friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague that you would like to nominate?

the kind of person that you cannot believe is single!

upcoming event: Sunday 26th March 2023  and some weekday gatherings. let me know which days you would prefer!

All @ 20:00 Spanish Time (CET), 19:00 UK time

Contact Amanda to book your place at the virtual table to receive the zoom login details.

Is This for You or Somebody You Know?

  Would any of your single friends be interested in being part of another pilot programme in November 2023 on Weekday and Weekend evenings @ 20:00 Spanish Time, (CET)

  The plan is for small mixed groups of Ladies & Gents, say a minimum of 6 guests and a maximum of 12 guests per supper club to have an intimate experience and have time to get to know everybody for friendship, wouldn’t it be cool if romance blossomed somewhere down the line for anybody?

  Is there somebody that springs to mind that you can think of that would like to hang out with me for 60 minutes and meet some new people? Guests can be in the comfort of their own homes whilst having a drink or a cup of tea and a chat and a laugh.

  If YOU are single and would like to be a part of helping to facilitate the pilot launches with me please let me know ASAP.

This virtual Serendipity After Supper Club is an invitation and nomination group.

A safe space to connect and reflect, where everybody has been invited by me or nominated by somebody I know to join. I am not entirely sure what it is yet, but I know what it’s not!

Everybody on here is real and somebody ‘cannot believe you are single’.

Beyond that, I cannot vouch for anybody’s behaviour but no-nonsense will be tolerated, so behave and have fun.

Whether you are living happily in the joys of being single or you are actively dating or looking for a partner, you are welcome.

A friend of mine recently asked me ‘How do you define being single?’, what a great question!

What popped in my mind was, ‘Is there another human being on this planet, who believes they are in a monogamous relationship with you?’

If not, cool bananas, you are on the guest list.

meet the Hostess


“I look forward to meeting new single friends and introducing some of the lovely people in my world to you “


“These gatherings are created with an intention for a safe space for connection, kind of like a group date I guess.”

“I have plans for real in-person events in 2023 and down the line in Javea – Costa Blanca, Amsterdam, London, Ireland, Iceland, and many locations, but meanwhile, we will be online on Zoom or local gatherings in Barcelona, Sunny Spain”

After Supper Clubber’s Comments

"Amazing, loved it. Fantastic organisation and facilitation. It was fun sharing experiences and stories. Spot on!"

"Really nice people, I did not think that this would be my cup of tea to be honest, so I suprised myself!"

"I felt really comfortable being on the Zoom call and I laughed more than I have in a long time. Thank you for the warm welcome Amanda "

"I was nervous before the call, but I feel I have made some new friends tonight, Thank You."

"Amanda is the perfect hostess; she radiates warmth and has a real talent for making everyone instantly feel at ease. The club evenings were a lot of fun and became one of the highlights of my week!"

Call today to book a connection chat.

This club is by invitation & nomination only.

Call me today on: 0034 646 816 625

Or you can email me any time at:

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