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I was born happy in the summer of 1969 in Maida Vale, West London.

After a joyful childhood steeped in the London-Irish community at 18 I spread my wings and followed my dream of travelling the world.  The planned 3 month trip turned into 9 ‘colourful’ years enriched by wonder and experience. Circumstances changed overnight and I had to return to London which saw the birth of 2 beautiful children.

My trust and belief in life carried us through the ups and downs of unexpected events. In 2006 the magic of serendipity nudged me to follow my heart and listening to my instinct; I sold up, bought a VW camper van and the 3 of us set off for new adventures in Sunny Spain.

More than a decade later with both children happily on their own exciting paths, the time was right for “The Serendipity Experience” to unfold.


“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world”. Sydney Banks


It was in 2012 that I was initially exposed to some simple truths when I attended a talk on ‘The Missing Link to Happiness’ with Dr. Jack Pransky in Albir, Spain. He introduced an understanding that was unveiled back in 1973 by philosopher Sydney Banks

Something strong inside resonated. I had a huge A-HA moment when we were being guided back to deep listen to our own wisdom. What I heard that day impacted me so strongly that I spent the next 6 years on a journey of self discovery.

I have trained with the most amazing group of professionals from all over the world. These guys were really onto something but it sounded too simple to be true.

I remember asking them “How comes nobody has ever told me about this? I have travelled the world, been a therapist for nearly 20 years and been a member of every spiritual group going”.

Nobody answered me, nobody. Everybody just sat in silence and my first thought was “This lot don’t know as much as I thought they did”.

Then I heard that little voice of wisdom talk to me,“Maybe nobody told you because they didn’t know. Or maybe you were not ready to listen until now”. I am so grateful for that silence from those beautiful souls.

They created the opportunity to quieten me down, point out the ‘know it all’ in me and teach me how to deep listen. 

Pure freedom, no more seeking and searching, no more self-help books or tools or techniques to learn.

The good feeling in that room was so strong, it really blew my mind. the feeling was so magical, it just felt right, just like falling in love…

Are you ready to listen from the heart?

On the radio…

Back on BayRadio, the first Wednesday of every month…Tune in…

One of my favourite achievements to date was hosting my own weekly live radio show “Happy Hour with Amanda” on a local community radio station. I was a radio presenter for 3 years and I loved playing DJ O’Shea and sharing my message live with the World on the airwaves as well as interviewing people, listening to their stories and requests.

The studio was a great space for hearing insights. One of my biggest realisations revealed was that in my previous therapy work I had been unknowingly trying to help, fix, convert and save half the world. All that trying to save everybody was quite exhausting.

Stay curious and keep looking in this direction to unveil who you truly are, because this is a game-changer…

 the good, the bad and the ugly

Dramatic events have played out since 2012 and I literally watched in front of my very eyes, The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness in action. My experiences held more grace and ease than ever before, that came with a deeper understanding of how life works.

I saw the loss of my 21 year old cousin Eilish who was like a little sister to me. A heartbreaking time for all the family.

The double murder of 2 local friends unveiled human behaviour at its worse and the creation of  separate realities and perceptions.

In February 2017, my first born was still overseas at University and my youngest offspring had also flown the nest for a life in London town. One day, only weeks after they had both left, I returned home with a new client from a walk ‘n’ talk up our local mountain to find Casa Serendipity on fire. Literally up in smoke.

We lost almost everything. My treatment room, photos, books, clothes and memorabilia from all over the world. The house was uninhabitable. Luckily, we had my 2 dogs with us. Life moves us on in it’s own way, talk about ‘The Phoenix rises from the ashes’

These times were still sad and shocking but my resilience to cope and bounce back was evident and to be in service with compassion and empathy for all concerned was super helpful. 

Nothing is permanent, life is constantly in flow. Everything OK at a deeper level.

After the fire, I experienced gratitude like never before. Being alive is a gift and that is a good start to any moment.

That drastic unexpected clear out resulted in me taking a job, working for somebody else, something that I had always projected I would never do! But do you know what? I loved that job, it was a true eye-opener, coaching in the world of addiction at a high-end recovery centre for three years and every interesting client I met was my teacher.

You never know what is around the corner but I do see serendipity is always in action.

You do have everything you need inside of you to deal with whatever life serves up. Life is just life-ing, it’s just a happening, while you are busy making other plans. Let’s watch it unfold.

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