1-2-1 intensives & Small groups

 Meet Me in Barcelona

 March – May 2023 & October – December 2023

Or at

Casa Serendipity, Javea, The pearl of the Costa Blanca, Spain in the Summer months of 2023 

Bespoke Weekends & Midweek retreats, tailored for you or for small groups every month of the year.

The Buddha House in Javea and Rustic Retreat Centres in Catalunya will be used for retreats of larger groups

You are invited to slow down… connect to the brilliance you truly are and what you’re inspired to do, be and create in the world.

Three restful, creative, inspiring, enriching days in the Spanish Sunshine.

There will be fabulous walks & talks, delicious food, wonderful company and the heart of the retreat is a series of deep, quiet, transformative conversations with “Amanda on the veranda”.

I invite you to explore the misunderstanding that stops you from living in your wellbeing and brilliance.

You will be guided to notice where you could let yourself off the hook, do less and stop the searching & seeking.

Let go of ideas and beliefs and free up space in your mind to understand the magical power of Thought.

Your quiet, open mind is the place where the best ideas, decisions and inspired actions come from.

There will be spaces for silence and reflective time and we will go as deep as you wish as we explore this game we call life.

You will lead the way and I will gently guide.

Our three days together allows a deep dive into this space of possibilities…

I would love you to join me for a retreat designed for you!


These retreats are ideal for people who are:

 Open to transformation

 Looking to slow down & connect deep within

 Willing to explore limiting beliefs and patterns

 Open to seeing the world with new eyes

 On their personal journeys from recovery to discovery

 Family and loved ones of those in active addiction or recovery

 Struggling with family and relationship issues

 Simply stuck with something that is not budging on its own


Because you’re worth it!

Some results from previous guests:

♥ Clarity of mind

♥ Peace & ease

♥ Increased confidence

♥ Certainty in decision making

♥ Unleashed creativity

♥ Deeper connection to self & others

What is different?

These retreats are designed with the intention to:


 Create a space for insights and realisations, both internally & externally.

 Guide you towards a simple understanding of the mind – that is life changing.

 Go beyond the use of perspective tools, advice, techinques and strategies to get the results you want.


Here is a example of a recent 3 day experience

(and then life has it’s plan so we will be in the flow of what is occurring in the moment)

Welcome Day

Check-In (& Breathe Out)

Meet & Greet with Amanda

What is The Serendipity Experience?

Healthy Lunch

Coastal Walk & Talk or Coffee & Chat


Typical Days 2 & 3

Yoga / Pilates / Morning Stroll (Optional)

“Whispers of Wisdom”

Healthy Lunch

Cheeky siesta or therapeutic treatment

Early Evening Exploration of the Mind

Sunset Tour (in the Campervan) 

What people are saying!

Serendipity Exploration Sessions, Whispers of Wisdom and Coaching

"Enlightening and inspiring - transforming, connecting and profound sharing. It also flagged up "stuff" that for me was often intriguing, bewildering, staggeringly insightful and sometimes exquisite"

"It was really valuable for me to hear Amanda's experiences and although challenging, good for me to share - super useful, I could deepen my understanding in a safe space - I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, I absorbed a lot, I learned a lot and I am going to take it away with me forever"

"I loved that the weekend was so free and relaxed, it allowed me to be very open and less self conscious - I loved that we shared our own thoughts and stories"


Javea is a stunning location. There is plenty to see we will dine well, there are amazing eateries and beautiful places that I am excited to take you to.

On days that we dine in, the Serendipity chef will surprise us with healthy and sometimes unhealthy treats. Naughty but nice.

 “The walks were mind blowing and the food was absolutely amazing, scrummy delicious, just fantastic…”

 “This retreat is clearly made with love and you can literally taste the sunshine & good energy, I loved our picnic on the beach – simply awesome.”

 “Best views ever! Amazing sunrises and sunsets – Double Whammy. Best food ever! Amazing variety, tasty, beautifully presented… Big, big thank you!”

Complimentary Comments

"Amazing, lovely spirit, humble, loved it. Fantastic organisation and facilitation. It didn't feel like "therapy" but rather an exchange of sharing experiences and knowledge. Spot on!"

"I thought that you were really there for me and the eye to detail was impressive. I felt cared for in such a powerful, gentle and wonderful way"

"You did a great job - you speak clearly and I could listen to you for hours. You went far, far above your role... I loved watching you also open up which made it easy for me to open more up to my wisdom. You are a very good mirror; thank you!!"

Let’s Talk about costs and logistics

I am also happy to help and organise with all travel arrangements and any specific individual needs

Call me today on: 0034 646 816 625

Or you can email me any time at:


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